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We have started offering a brand new product that we are introducing to our customers called Shine™ all-metal super polish! Yes, clean & simple is an excellent all-surface, all-purpose cleaner, but it is not a polish! Shine™ is an excellent all-metal super polish that will, with minimal effort, remove tarnish and oxidation from virtually any metal surface (without scratching) and restore your metal surfaces to their original lustre!

And just like clean & simple , Shine™ is designed to safely and cost-effectively replace typical products that you might buy off the shelf in your local grocery or discount store. Check out the price comparisons below!

* Based on an average sale of a one-box order!
 $1.20 per ounce
 .96 per ounce
 $1.00 per ounce
 Eagle One®
 .80 per ounce
 .66 per ounce
 Wrights Silver Cream™
 .57 per ounce
 .77 per ounce
 .31 per ounce*

Our primary goal is to provide our customers with environmentally friendly products that are easy to use, will save them money, and can get the job done! We know you love clean & simple , and we believe that Shine™ fits the bill too! Give it a try--you will be glad you did!

P.S. We are starting to get comments back from our customers about Shine™ and the response is overwhelmingly positive! Kudos come back especially for the way it works on brass fixtures, copper pots and pans, and silver items!

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