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As with all cleaning products, you may run across some tough cleaning chores that require a little more effort than just spraying it on and wiping it off!

When you do run across some of these problem surfaces, we recommend that you have some of these handy cleaning helpers at your disposal. You probably have most of them around your house or garage, but in case you don't ... we do offer a Custom Cleaning Kit that contains them all!

This kit has been designed to be used along with clean & simple to make your toughest cleaning chores even easier.

The handy “Custom Cleaning Kit” contains:

  • Custom Mixing Bottle/Spray Top: Put just two ounces of clean & simple concentrate in this bottle and fill it the rest of the way up with tap water for one full quart of the best, all-around, ready-to-use, multicleaner available today! Note: For glass and mirrors, use just one tablespoon or one cap full of concentrate.
  • Nylon-Bristle Brush: Use this brush for tile grout, wood decks, tennis shoes, canvas tops and awnings, hard-to-reach brake dust on automobile wheel rims, clay and/or mildew on stucco siding, etc.
  • Steel-Bristle Brush: Use this brush for rust and grease stains on walkways, driveways, and exterior brick walls. Also great for smoke film inside or near fireplaces and difficult stains on wood decks, etc. Note: Do not use this brush on any scratchable surfaces.
  • 3M Scotch-Brite™ Scrub Pad: Use this green heavy-duty scrub pad for built-up grease and dirt on barbecue grills, metal burners, self-cleaning ovens, tools, and sealed concrete, etc. Also great for hard water deposits and heavy soap scum on tile. Note: Do not use this pad on any glass or high-polish, scratchable surfaces.
  • Teflon Scrub Pad: Use this white light-duty pad for stains in fiberglass showers, soap scum on glass shower doors, tough stains on counter tops, crayon and scuff marks on walls, etc.
  • .0000 Steel Wool Pad: Use this light-duty pad for hard water stains on fiberglass showers and glass shower doors, metal tarnish, rust on chrome bumpers, built-up residue on glass, etc.
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