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Sierra Solutions is a traveling direct sales company based out of South Lake Tahoe, California and we have been proudly serving the public since 1994. Sierra Solutions believes in the practice of free enterprise and providing an opportunity for young (and young at heart) people to travel the country and learn the fundamentals of sales and business, as well as how to be responsible for their own livelihood. We travel as a company to virtually every major city and surrounding areas in the continental United States.

In these cities and surrounding areas, we promote the purchase of our primary and exclusive product, clean & simple, through direct sales.

clean & simple is an environmentally friendly, all-purpose, all-surface, super cleaner concentrate that, when diluted with water, will clean virtually any water-washable surface. clean & simple is designed to cost-effectively replace 95% of the typical cleaning products that a home, small business, or industry might use.

Sierra Solutions Independent Distributors will typically go "door to door" to homes, small businesses, and industrial concerns and offer to demonstrate clean & simple in its diluted form on our customers' toughest cleaning chores. In addition to demonstrating the product, our Independent Distributors will give features and benefits, favorably comparing clean & simple to conventional store-bought products that our customers might already be using. The entire demonstration, which is generally done in a "matter of fact" and straightforward manner, normally takes no longer than ten minutes to complete, and is quite impressive.

After the demonstration, when the customer places an order for clean & simple concentrate (not so subliminal suggestion), the Independent Distributor will complete a sales receipt and ask the customer to authorize same-day delivery of their order by having them sign the form at the bottom. It is not uncommon for the Independent Distributor to ask for payment in advance, as they are working with a team of Independent Distributors and this will help them expedite their deliveries, which are usually numerous.

The Independent Distributor will thank the customer for their order, then advise them of a time frame when the Independent Distributor will return later that same day to deliver the product, along with a brochure that contains product highlights and basic directions. It should be noted that the price structure of clean & simple is preset and non-negotiable. Any shortages are charged in full to the Independent Distributor.

In addition to providing work and career opportunity for those individuals that are willing to apply themselves, Sierra Solutions also takes a tremendous amount of pride in being beneficial to all the local economies where our crews conduct business.

Yes, Sierra Solutions is a "for profit" organization. However, out of 100% of revenues generated, over 95% of that capital is funneled directly back into the local communities where business is conducted. This money is spent at hotels, restaurants, gas stations, automobile repair shops, laundromats, electronic and computer stores, grocery stores, medical and dental facilities, pharmacies, malls and various other retail and discount stores.

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