Mission Statement

  • Uphold the honor and dignity of the direct-sales profession and the free enterprise system.
  • Encourage the highest standards of ethical conduct, character, and integrity.
  • Inspire professional excellence through training and education.
  • Further the rule of law and promote respect for the rights of others.
  • Champion the cause of those who need and deserve assistance.
  • Advance the public good by encouraging strong standards of professional courtesy.
  • Seek ways to improve the image and public perception of direct-sales.
  • Set an example with our company image and business practices that all others in the direct-sales profession will admire and want to emulate.
  • Realize that success is not a destination but rather a journey, and continue to seek new, exciting, and more efficient ways to carry on with that journey.
  • Support and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of small business ownership and individual opportunities to pursue financial independence and quality of life.
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