Goals and Objectives

Sierra Solutions' principal goal and objective is to promote direct selling as an honorable profession with excellent income opportunities, and to encourage the highest standards of personal and business ethics. We are committed to promoting consumer confidence in direct sellers by fostering strong recruiting and selling standards.

In addition, we here at Sierra Solutions strive every day to attain other goals that our customers help us accomplish, such as:

· Removing unneeded and/or unnecessary toxic chemicals from our customers' shelves and garages by replacing them with our product, clean & simple .

· Deterring people from purchasing products that come in non-recyclable containers (clean & simple comes in recyclable plastic bottles and corrugated cardboard boxes).

· Limiting the different varieties of products that our customers use, thus reducing a tremendous amount of discarded bottles and containers from local dumps and landfills. (If each of our customers eliminated just 5 different products by using clea n & simple , that would be roughly 4,250,000 bottles and containers. Keep in mind that these numbers are based on when a customer first switches to our product. With continued use that number compounds exponentially).

· Generally educating people in making our neighborhoods and businesses safer for our children and environment!

· Providing a quality, cost-effective product that works extremely well and is easy to use--thus the name clean & simple .

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