Customer Testimonies

Dear Sir or Ma'am,

Just wanted to tell you what an excellent, knowledgeable, positive, enthusiastic and totally qualified representative you have in Mary Wilkins. She is truly an asset to your company. She shines as an example to everyone else in the sales business. It was a pleasure meeting with her. I hope you appreciate what a great person you have in your employ!

Mary T.

Tampa, FL


Good Morning,

We have a very active pup who decided to chew a blue ink pen up all over our beige carpet. What a total mess! I was freaking out as I thought for sure the 6 month old carpet would need to be replaced. clean & simple saved the day! The blue ink spots are gone!

Thank you for such a great product!

Cyn Tehan M.
Cable, OH


I have purchased your clean & simple product from a "door to door" salesperson and and have loved it! I just ran out and I would like to order more. How can I do that? Thank you and I look forward to your response!

Daniela I.
Via the Internet


Hello Sierra Solutions,

I recently had a cleaning crew come in to help get my house in tip top clean mode for out of state friend and family company. They used clean & simple on the granite counter tops and proved to me it was a wonderful product that could be used safely on granite. Plus it smelled wonderful!

I'm interested in purchasing your clean & simple&nbs p;solution so I may continue to use it in my home. Please let me know the cost of this product.

Lisa M.
Via the Internet


Hi, this is to let you know how much we enjoyed meeting Kenneth Scott today when he stopped by to demonstrate your product clean & simple. He was very articulate, friendly, non-threatening, knowledgeable, and not pushy. Luckily my old neighbor had raved about a product that did the same things (and it was purchased from someone who came to his door). I'm not sure if this was the same product but the results are what sold us... especially on tile grout. It was a pleasure meeting with Kenneth and I'm sure we'll be submitting a reorder in the near future.

Dretta M..
Via the Internet


My neighbor gave me some of your clean & simple concentrate to try. I have a new car and I recently had an oil change on it. The mechanic some how got a bad oil stain on the front seat when he sat on it. I thought it would never come out, but my neighbor said he could get it out problem! He sprayed the diluted version of your product on the stain and rubbed a little and lifted it right out! I was amazed... it looked like new again! Would you please me a brochure and instructions on how I can order this product for myself.

Joe H.
Huntington Beach, CA


I love your product... not only does it clean just about every thing in the house... I've been looking for a product to clean my V-Max motorcycle and this product works better then anything I have tried so far! I do not even have to wash it, I just spray on the  clean & simple and wipe it off. It works wonders on my rims and brake disks. Your sales rep was was one of the nicest people and I had no reservations about letting him into my home. He sold me on your product and I will relay it's uses to the other 800 members oh the V-max Owners Association. Thanks for sending him by with a most incredible product!

Lawrence M.
Nashville, TN


I am writing this letter to your company asking to be sent an order form for your product " clean & simple ". I was introduced to this product by my in-laws. I was truly astonished! This is the best cleaning solution I have ever used. The Best! I've tried and used a lot of different cleaning solutions and I swear..... this is the best!

Rena A.
Paso Robles, CA


I am interested in ordering clean & simple. My son-in-law bought some several years ago from a door-to-door salesman and we love it! Please advise me on how to order. Thanks! 

Phyillis R.
Youngstown, OH


I was visiting my daughter-in-law last week in Pleasanton, CA and she pulled out your product to remove a big red wine spill from the carpet. It was like magic! Please tell me how to order some.

Peggy P.
St. Louis, MO


I recently purchased a gallon of your super cleaner from one of your your salespeople, Scott. I just wanted to let you know that I truly am amazed by the the product and can't wait to use it for my grills. Just to let you know, Scott conducted himself in such a professional manner that I was taken aback. I ask you to extend my thanks to Scott.

Franciso O.
Phoenix, AZ


Jonathan just sold me your clean & simple product. I just want you to know that he represents your product and your company in the most professional, informative and personable way. I deal with a lot of people and I can tell you: "He is a keeper!!". I am sure that I will enjoy using clean & simple. Thank you.

Jan L.
Phoenix, AZ


I have purchased your product in the past and need to refill my supply. If there is a distributor I can contact that would be fine but I definately believe in your product and need to reorder in some way. Thank you.

Sheryl B.
Scottsdale, AZ


Please send me a reorder form for your product clean & simple . I bought two gallons over a year ago. It made everything in our house simple. Very simple to clean!


Mr. Foster L.
Salem, OR


Please send a brochure & order form for clean & simple multipurpose cleaner to the address below. My friend gave me a sample and it was fabulous! I must have it! Thanks!

Jim & Barbara C.
Las Vegas, NV


Please send me a reorder form. The cleaning liquid is excellent!

Lorin L.


Please send me an order form for the clean & simple . This stuff works really great! Thanks!

Mrs. Lawrence H.
Ontario, NY


Would you please send me a order form as soon as possible! I was hearing about your clean & simple from a friend. Thanks!

Debbie R.
Bakersfield, CA


While visiting with our daughter in El Paso,Texas I had an opportunity to use your product to clean my daughters refrigerator. I was very impressed with the ease that the dirt came off all areas of the unit. It also sparkled after it dried.

Now I would like to use the product in my own home. The product I am talking to you about is called clean & simple . Please send the brochure and reorder form to:

Yettie R.
Waxhaw, NC


A friend of mine has been using " clean & simple " and just loves it. I would like some of the solution. Thank you!

Lillian P.
Paso Robles, CA


Please send me an order form to order clean & simple as I really love this product.

Virginia A.
El Paso, TX


Over a year ago I purchased a gallon of your " clean & simple " and I was very pleased with it. Now that I am running on low on it I realize that I do not know where to purchase more of this product. If you would kindly inform me of where I can go or order this product, I would appreciate it. My name and address are on the letterhead. Thank you so much for your assistance.

Barry E.
Winter Springs, FL


One of my neighbors purchased your cleaning solution a long time ago, and we borrowed some when we had a stubborn spot that would not come out of our carpet. After one cleaning the spot was much lighter and when we used it again about a week later the spot disappeared.

I would like to purchase some of the product. Could you please send me a price list for clean & simple multipurpose multi surface super cleaner. Thank you!

Beth C.
Fairport, New York


I just purchased your product. We enjoyed the demonstration and the professional and courteous way your distributor handled himself. I am glad to see that door to door selling is making a comeback with a positive note. I delivered newspapers as a teenager and understand the rigors of selling door to door. Keep up the good work! Sure like the product!

Tony C. (via the internet)
Dayton, Nevada
(Distributor:Julio Gonzales)


About a year ago, one of your salespersons was in the area where I lived. At that time I was introduced to a cleaning formula called " clean & simple " multipurpose multi surface super cleaner. I was well pleased with the performance I have received from this super cleaner! I now reside in a different state, and at this time I am writing to find out how can I go about ordering more of this cleaning product. If at all possible please send me some information on how to go about ordering more of this cleaner.

Annette E.
Shreveport, LA


I purchased clean & simple from a door to door salesman some time ago. I am now using my last of the 4 gallons purchased and want to tell you that I am delighted with your product and would like to order more.

I like your product because it cleans everything (like you said), is simple to mix and use, smells pleasant and best of all does not irritate my skin which is sensitive to many soaps and chemicals.

Yvonne L.
Shorewood, WI


I have been using your product clean & simple for the past year. I love it, it has become the product of choice for cleaning carpets, upholstery, car interiors and everything else around the house! I especially like the way it cleans my carpet. With two kids (one 5 and one 2) I shampoo the carpet about once every 6 weeks. Your product is gentle enough to use this often and works great with my carpet shampooer!

Please rush me my reorder form to my address below.

Thanks, and I hope to receive the reorder form soon, so that I can place my order as soon as possible. My clean & simple bottle is almost empty!

Luz Elena M. (via the internet)
Anthony, NM

Thank you for sharing your product. You are a very good salesman! : )

The Hardners
Reno, NV


I have witnessed and tried your product via a friend/neighbor, it's fantastic! There was a door to door sales person. I would like to purchase this product as soon as possible . Please respond. Thank you

Steven (via the Internet)


It was like a miracle! I moved to a new house and clean & simple took all of the spots out of the carpet. I didn't have to rent an expensive carpet cleaner!

Mindi D.
Chanhassen, MN


Please send me a brochure & order form for clean & simple multi purpose cleaner to my friend gave me a sample & it was fabulous I must have it.

Jim & Barbara C.
Las Vegas, NV


I purchased clean & simple at a gas station I've used it for months and love it.

Marilyn M.
Scottsdale, AZ


Works great on granite and marble.... leaves no residue. Excellent Cleaner!!!!

Arleen B.
Racine, WI


This stuff is GREAT!

Kathryn A.
Dowington, PA


Works GREAT on jelly smashed into white carpet.

Laurie H.
Toms River, NJ


Your product is MARVELOUS. We use it on everything!!!!!!

Hal E.
Bakersfield, CA

This is a GREAT cleaner!

Ruth B.
Loveland, CO


I have been using clean & simple for about a year and have run out. I like the way your product really does the job without a harsh chemical smell. Please send a reorder form. Thank you.

Bob B.
Portland, OR


I really enjoy your product but am nearly out please send a reorder form.

Susan B.
Franklin, TN


I'd like to let you know how much I love your " clean & simple " product. There are so many reasons why I like it so much because it cleans everything and leaves everything smelling so nice and clean. The best thing about " clean & simple " is that a little goes a long way. I bought a spray bottle add 15 parts of water and 1 part of your product and its right there when I need it, especially when we just bought a little puppy Shih Zu and are trying to house train her.

I am running out of your fine product . Please send an order form so that I may receive another gallon of your product. Thank you.

Patricia C.
Lewiston, ME


Please send me a reorder form. We like your product very much.

Lawrence H.
Ontario, NY


A friend gave me a some cleaner to try. I really liked it!

Vera N.
Mesa, AZ


I had a good size bottle of clean & simple . It is the most wonderful cleaner I have ever used. I acquired the bottle through my brother -in- law, but he no longer has an order form. I would like to order more of your product.

Barbara K.
Euliss, TX


Please send me a reorder form. Your product is TERRIFIC!!!!

June R .
Holmdel, NJ


Thanks for making such a great product. Please send me a reorder form.

Kristin K.
Eugene, OR

Hi! I just wanted to say that Tony Brown was a very nice and knowledgeable person selling your product. I would give him 5 stars!!! I purchased a bottle and so far so good! The product is sticking up to its sale. Thank you!! I'm sure when I get low I will be ordering more.

Collette O.
(via the Internet)


I want to reorder some more clean & simple for my house. I think it is a great product for the environment and the human body and spirit. Please send me a reorder form.

Adam K.
Albuquerque, NM


Please send me a reorder form for your FABULOUS clean & simple .

Katie B.
Novato, CA


Please send me a reorder slip for clean & simple I'm badly in need of this FINE product.

Virginia K.
Huntington Beach, CA


A friend of mine highly recommended your product to me. She showed me how well it cleaned her kitchen floor, and I was very impressed. Can you tell me how I can buy a bottle of your cleaner? What she had was in a big white bottle that looked to be about a gallon in size.Thanks!

Kristy C.
Blue Bell, PA


I got a gallon of your clean & simple product, and I have to say I loved it! I would love get another gallon of it, if it is possible. If you can, send me an email and I'll give you my address so I can get some more.

Thank you,
Bill B.


Just want to tell you how GREAT clean & simple is! I have a half gallon left (of the 3 gallons I bought from a salesman 2 years ago) and looked you up to make sure you're still offering the product when I will finally need to reorder! Amazing it goes such a long way since we use it for EVERYTHING around here-- ALL household cleaning (especially good for shining granite counter tops and getting spots out of clothes)... and I don't have to worry about poisoning my family when I'm spraying it!

Keep up the good work!
Karen A.


I had a gallon of your great clean & simple and want to know if you have a distributor in the Por t Huron Michigan area. I have to tell you it is the best solution I have ever used!

Thank you
Doris U.
Gratiot, Michigan


My wife and I were introduced to your product by a neighbor who swears by it. We were wondering how we could order some of the product in the Detroit Area. They said that a door to door salesman came by and sold it to them, but that I could order it at this address online. Please tell us how. Thank you.

Via E-mail

Hi there. I am requesting an order number as I have used your product and it is great. I would recommend it to any one that ask about it.

Thank You!
Sue H..


Hi, my Mom gave me the rest of her bottle of clean & simple . My husband and I would like to reorder, since we've been so impressed with it's effectiveness in a house with two adults, 3 children, 7 cats and one dog!!!

I've used it diluted as a pretreater for carpet stains and it really is amazing! I've used it all over the house so far, and if we are ever in doubt of any other cleaner's effectiveness, we just grab that bottle of premix and go!

If there is a distributor in our area, I would like them to contact us for an appointment so we can buy directly from him or her.

Tina and Dave H.
Port Orchard, WA


We're out of cleaner now, so as soon as someone can contact us, it would be most appreciated!!!

Warm Regards,
The Harts

Hi, I am just amazed what your product cleans. I was sold a gallon of the solution the other day. By a young man named Carl. He was cleaning everything and talked his head off. So I decided to purchase a gallon.

I decided to try it that evening on my husbands work clothes. He was rebuilding car engines all day and his jeans and T-shirt were totally covered with oil and grease. I usually throw these in the trash when he is finished. But, I thought what the heck, I'll give this solution a try.

I sprayed the clothes down with the solution and washed them. When they were done the jeans had no oil or grease on them. I was shocked. The T-shirt was also spotless. My husband couldn't believe I got his clothes that clean. Looks like I won't be throwing away his work clothes any more.

Now, I am like a cleaning monster. I went crazy with the solution. I was trying it every where in my house. Cleaning everything. My carpeting in my family room is like new again.

I love the product and you have a life member now..... Thanks for stopping at my door!

Theresa J.

etc., etc., etc. .........


Sincere thanks to all of our customers who took the time to write in and compliment us and our product! Check this page in the near future... there are more testimonials on the way!

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